Angry Birds

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Angry Birds

Fire away your Angry Birds at those naughty Piglets and get buildings to collapse on them. The main protagonist and the leader of a group of Angry Birds is Red. He is known by all the talent that eliminates the piglets. He’s very caring towards the eggs, so much so that sometimes he puts caps on them to keep them warmed. His best friend is Chuck, although he is a good fellow with Al as well. He is toughfull and responsible leaders who will never give up his role of a protector.

On the other hand, Chuck is a very complicated character. Restless nature, sometimes a little awkward and unsure, very enthusiastic, sometimes even arrogant. A great joker and he often shook the halls of society.

Stella can be quite childish, but she is also very clever, so to easily see through all the plans naughty pig before these arrive to realize them. It’s easy to plan but is trying to do that rarely happens. Angry blue birds Jay, Jack and Jim are the youngest in the group of angry birds. They are very bold and enterprising, but because they often get into trouble and the whole team has to save them.

Angry Birds fans will certainly love to play this great game online. Many different and difficult levels, birds will get fired up upon the pigs more and more…
Controls: Angry Birds is played with mouse only